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Self Esteem

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Relationship Counseling

Izaak helps individuals and couples with relationship issues. Relationship issue

Weight Control

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Mr Izaak Presser was referred to me by a family member some time ago and since then I have attended few sessions with him. It has been some months since I have been attending. I had/have a couple of habits which I thought would stay with me for the rest of my life. It seemed to me that there was no cure. I could not understand why I had been “blessed” as the bearer of these habits when the person beside me did not have them.

Natalie ……….
Caulfield North 3161 | 28-08-2000
My husband and I very much enjoyed you workshop on more effective parenting. It was everything we hoped for and more. We found it both useful and inspiring and had a great impact on both of us. I personally found it to be an amazing experience. It was wonderful to meet other couples with similar ideas as our own and developed ongoing friendships with some of the other participants of you workshop

Karen McColley
Werribee | 16-07-2000
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